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[mkgmap-dev] --tdbfile option (was: Re: how to qlandkarte or qlandkartegt)

From Robert Joop 8500547528183gmap at rainbow.in-berlin.de on Thu Aug 27 17:50:40 BST 2009

steve, the resources/help/en/options file states that the --tdbfile
makes mkgmap write a .tdb file.
but i always got a .tdb file, even though i never used this option.
is this option only necessary when one merges .img files, and
superfluous when processing .osm files?

On 09-08-27 08:33:29 CEST, Carsten Schwede wrote:
> > and which files to load (or import?), single tile .img (from mkgmap),
> > gmapsupp.img or the .tdb from mkgmap, or the gmapsupp.img from gmt
> > (as the linux gmaptool is named).
> In QLandkarteGT you can import whole mapsets including tdb and overview
> img- tile. If you have only some img tiles, you must first create a tdb
> and a overview map for proper loading this maps.
> (java -jar mkgmap.jar --tdbfile *.img)

carsten, thank you for your hints regarding qlandkarte!
once i got over this initial hurdle, qlandkartegt started making fun.
i might even use it to geotiff some scans of paper maps (as long the
islands i'm gonna visit the next weeks are flooded on the garmin :-)


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