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[mkgmap-dev] gui for areas.list ?

From Chris Miller chris.miller at kbcfp.com on Wed Aug 26 22:11:31 BST 2009

L> Great, thanks a lot! Can I be so bold and grab go for the jackpot and
L> ask if you plan on making the reverse working as well (feed KML into
L> Splitter)?
L> Personally, I don't mind if there aren't many sanity check on reading
L> the KML. If things bark because of an ill formed KML then that's the
L> users error...

If I limit it to only handling KML that's in the same format as the output 
then it's not too difficult to implement so yes I'll see what I can do.

One thing with the KML the splitter generates - I wasn't sure if I should 
call the areas in the KML I write out "Map 63240001", "Area 63240001", "Tile 
63240001" or just "63240001". Does anyone have any strong preferences/opinions? 
Regardless of which of those is chosen, when reading in a KML file the splitter 
should look for an 8-digit number in the KML name and use that as the area's 
map ID. I'm not sure if that should be in preference to any supplied --mapid 
parameter though, or if the --mapid parameter should override any IDs found 
in the KML names instead. Thoughts?

If anyone has any more suggestions/ideas in this area it would be good to 
hear them. I'll hopefully find time to start implementing this on the weekend.


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