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[mkgmap-dev] how to qlandkarte or qlandkartegt

From Robert Joop 8500547528183gmap at rainbow.in-berlin.de on Wed Aug 26 20:54:04 BST 2009

speaking of sea polygons and the numerous test builds...

i'm a little confused as on which program to use (to view the
result without copying it to a garmin GPSr) and how -
qlandkarte or qlandkartegt (which recently appeared in debian sid),
and which files to load (or import?), single tile .img (from mkgmap),
gmapsupp.img or the .tdb from mkgmap, or the gmapsupp.img from gmt
(as the linux gmaptool is named).
what works best for you?

for example it seems that i can load a tile in qlandkarte, but loading
a second tile does not make it appear.

any hints very much appreciated!

due to the strange behaviour of qlandkarte (or me not using them
properly?), i always copy the final gmapsupp.img to my GPSr...

thank you,

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