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[mkgmap-dev] extended types and java buffer overflow

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Tue Aug 25 22:00:41 BST 2009

Using the same style-file as before but changing many streets from 0x?? 
into 0xe10?? I needed to reduce by 70-75% the maxnodes settings of the 
map so that it compiles without error.

Is there possibly a bug or is it normal that using extended types forces 
you to use much smaller tiles?
Anyone already using the extended types and also seeing this problem?

For some countries I needed to reduce maxnodes via splitter to 150.000 
so that they compile fine. Even Denmark ran well on 400.000 before. I am 
a bit buffled about this.

Overlays and Relations work fine now, I had forgotten about some patches 
that I was using previously and stopped by upgrading to 1140.

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