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[mkgmap-dev] options: description

From Valentijn Sessink valentyn at blub.net on Tue Aug 25 15:04:58 BST 2009

Marko Mäkelä schreef:
>> +	Please note: if you use "-c template.args", then that file may
>> +	contain a "description" that will override this option.
> I would say "-c filename" instead of "-c template.args", so that it will
> be possible to search for that string.  And instead of "will override"
> I would say "may override".  It boils down to the contents of the -c file,
> and you may write "-c filename --description=text" as well.

I'm not sure about the "-c filename". The only reason for mentioning the
"-c" option here is that splitter writes a file with the name
"template.args". Anyone who uses their own template file will probably
know what they're doing anyway. It is the specific use of the
*splitter-produced* file (that goes by the name of template.args) that
is the culprit.

But I do understand what you are saying. Does anyone else have an
opinion about this?


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