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[mkgmap-dev] Sea Polygons and java 1.6

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Fri Aug 21 22:57:22 BST 2009


The sea polygon patch uses a feature from java 1.6 (NavigableSet), 
whereas mkgmap is currently released for java 1.5.  Perhaps there
is a different way to do it that avoids the use, but it could be
time to consider going to 1.6.

Now I don't personally mind going to 1.6 and in fact I announced that 
this would 'happen soon' over a year ago.  The only problem is people
with Macs.  As I have experienced with splitter (which always has 
required 1.6) there were quite a few queries to the mailing list
and to my own email address from people not being able to run it.

As there are many more downloads of mkgmap than splitter, I expect
that there would be far more queries generated for mkgmap.

Now as far as I know, it is no longer a problem getting 1.6 for all
Macs, so I don't think anyone will be unable to run it, it is just
a case of knowing what to download from where for which Mac 32/64 bit etc.

So if we were to start requiring 1.6 I would like to prepare by
adding a specific error message to mkgmap stating the version
requirements, rather than just a stack trace that you would currently
see, and to get a description of how to obtain 1.6 for the different 
Macs that can be placed on the wiki and web site etc.

What do you think?


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