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[mkgmap-dev] multiple garmin elements from one osm element

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Wed Aug 19 22:18:02 BST 2009

Torsten Leistikow wrote:
> Moin,
> finally I got my eclipse environment running and was able to build
> mkgmap from source. So the next step was my first extension of mkgmap.
> Until now a single OSM element was converted into a single garmin
> element, i.e. the first one in the style file with the matching expression.
> I have extended the style definition by two commands (stop and
> continue), to allow the
> generation of multiple elements.
> A classic conversion rule has a syntax like:
> amenity=restaurant [0x2a00 resolution 20]
> With my extension this is equal to
> amenity=restaurant [0x2a00 resolution 20 stop]
> and has the meaning: If this rule is used, no further rules will be
> applied to the element.
> If this line is changed now to
> amenity=restaurant [0x2a00 resolution 20 continue]
> mkgmap will convert a matching OSM element into a garmin Element type
> 0x2a00, but afterwards it will check, whether another rule is matching
> for the same osm element. So this will allow, that for the same item
> additionally a
> tourism=hotel [0x2b01 resolution 20]
> rule might be applied.
> My modification is working on points as well as on lines or polygons,
> i.e. it will also help with barrier=fence problem.
> There are two problems with my modification:
> 1. The POI generation for an area will not work, with multiple
> conversion rules.
> 2. I do not know, how to provide a proper patch for my modification, so
> I just attached the modified java-files (based on mkgmap-r1087).
> I hope you can incorporate the modification into your mkgmap and give it
> a try. Without any change to the style, the modification should not
> change anything. As a try, you could add the continue command to all
> point rules and all barrier rules.
> What do you think about it?
> Gruss
> Torsten
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Could you or someone try to modify this patch so that it compiles 
against mkgmap 1140.

I tried merging it for more than 1 hour today but did not get any clean 
compile. There are nearly 10 conflicts against the new extended types 
code. Both, the extended types and the "continue" behaviour are very 
important features for me.....

I would really miss the above patch if it is not implementable to 
current svn.

thanks very much in advance if someone could try to change it to get it 
working... I attach the patch as prepared by Thilo again so searching 
for old e-mails is not needed....
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