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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1140: Added support for extended types.

From Thilo Hannemann thannema at gmx.de on Wed Aug 19 22:07:53 BST 2009

Am 19.08.2009 um 22:01 schrieb charlie at cferrero.net:
> I've created a partial list for the GPSMap76Csx though my aim was
> slightly different (I wanted to understand what symbols the hex codes
> translated into).  Is there any way we can fork this page into
> separate pages per unit otherwise it will get very unwieldly as more
> GPSr are added?

Yes. The advantage of the current format is that one can easily  
compare the different units. I'd hate to loose that ability. But I  
must admit that editing that page isn't nice. What I do is to  
copy&paste everything into a text editor, edit there and copy the  
result back.

It might help to divide that page into ID ranges, so that there isn't  
that much text to edit at once. Also the text could be a little  
smaller and still be readable. So if you have a good idea just do it.


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