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[mkgmap-dev] Make --add-pois-to-areas default?

From Nop ekkehart at gmx.de on Mon Aug 17 07:42:07 BST 2009


Thilo Hannemann schrieb:
> Am 16.08.2009 um 23:14 schrieb Nop:
>> It is also very questionable whether all renderers will always  
>> provide a
>> meaningful positioning of automatically created icons, e.g. a simple
>> approach will place the icon for an L-shaped area outside of the area.
> If a simple approach won't give the desired result we should implement  
> a better approach. This has to be done only once for the renderer(s)  
> and not for all the items in the database. "We do not tag for the  
> renderers." applies here.

This is not true. It is a non-trivial problem, it does not make sense to 
do something every time for rendering that can be solved once statically 
in the DB and it will have to be implemented for every renderer in a 
different way as they have very different technical approaches.

You are putting a lot of complex work into other peoples laps and make 
it sound very easy. It is not.

You don't tag for the renderers, you tag to avoid ridiculous layout on 
the maps. And there will always be situations where a user expects a POI 
in a different place than any technical approach will give you.

> Therefore, I think the current algorithm for the add-pois-to-areas is  
> sufficient, because it will correct most instances of those duplicate  
> tags, which are errors in the database and should be corrected in the  
> database anyway.

I agree that if there is a POI and an area, probably only one of them 
should be named and only the named instance should be used. But if 
someone deliberately put an additional POI there for a reason, it is not 
an error in the db - your definition is just too simple.


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