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[mkgmap-dev] Last level not empty, why not anymore?

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Sat Aug 15 18:47:13 BST 2009

Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> Hi Felix
>>    Opening the .img in gpsmapedit shows me that level 5 is the last level at
>>    resolution 15. Now having an empty overview map and seeing motorways and
>>    coastline in level 15 in Mapsource I have to assume that the last level is
>>    not empty (otherwise I could not see it in Mapsource).
> But it is empty, therefore there must be some other reason
> for what you see.
>>    You can try if you find any other error:
>>    maps are here: [3]http://openmtbmap.x-nation.de/maps/mtbaustria.7z.zip
>>    contourlines here:
>>    [4]http://openmtbmap.x-nation.de/maps/contourlines/srtm_austria.zip
> I've had a look at those and can't see anything strange.
> I noticed that the contours are generated with a very much earlier
> version of mkgmap, before r1003.  Is there any possibility that
> the problem goes back that far (mid April), as that changed
> values that we don't really understand?
I regenerated them with new version and now they work again, there must 
have been some change that causes the problems though, see below.
> It would be easier if you could pin down the version where it
> changed more precisely.
I currently can't as my desktop is inaccessible sind last windows update 
(and 1500km away)...

Moreover with the newer mkgmap version, it seems that Draw Priority 
compared to non mkgmap compiled cards does not take preference over our 
cards anymore....
The level info is pretty strange, gpsmapedit does not find it, but 
mkgmap shows it even though the overview map consists of 4 points only....
> Regards,
> ..Steve
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