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[mkgmap-dev] mistake in options?

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Thu Aug 13 14:16:26 BST 2009

It does work, you have to set all 3: series-name (mapset name in Mapsource),
family-name (mapset name on GPS), description -- name for the individual map
tiles - the only of the three that is written directly to the individual
tiles, the both other are written to tdb/overview image.

2009/8/13 Valentijn Sessink <valentyn at blub.net>

> I found two strange things:
> - if you don't set --overview-mapname, the tdbfile will have the name of
> the overview-mapnumber, 63240000.tdb, (instead of OSM_map). The source
> reads OSM_map, so I can't find where it goes wrong.
> - the --description option seems not to work, there must be something
> wrong with the getDescription method, as changing it to "BLAH" in the
> source code will work, but using a nice "--description=Nederland shows a
> map with the description of "OSM Map". I also couldn't find out what
> went wrong here. I did notice that most of the options have a
> args.get("option-name","default"), while description seems to have its
> own args.getDescription(). I wouldn't know where the description of OSM
> Map comes from, though.
> V.
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