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[mkgmap-dev] bugreport for new splitter

From Chris Miller chris.miller at kbcfp.com on Sun Aug 9 15:21:52 BST 2009

Hmm, running with max-nodes=300000 on r65 now makes it further, but fails 
with another (related) problem. I'm going to try and find the problematic 
way(s)/relation(s) so I can make a test case. Please hold off on big splits 
with r65 for now.

> Have a try with splitter r65, I've just checked in a fix that should
> solve your problem. I reran it against today's europe.osm and it
> completed successfully:
> ..
> 12,000,000 ways processed...
> Writing relations Sun Aug 09 14:19:27 BST 2009
> 50,000 relations processed...
> 100,000 relations processed...
> Wrote 118,698,421 nodes, 12,124,642 ways, 110,327 relations
> Time finished: Sun Aug 09 14:19:34 BST 2009
> Total time taken: 1836s
> (I forgot to set --max-nodes=300000 to make it a fair comparison with
> your run, however I'm rerunning it with 300000 right now just to be
> absolutely sure the problem is fixed)
> Chris

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