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[mkgmap-dev] bugreport for new splitter

From Chris Miller chris.miller at kbcfp.com on Sun Aug 9 13:14:14 BST 2009

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the detailed bug report, and sorry for the inconvenience this 
one has caused you. It looks like there's a bug in the new code for handling 
ways that span > 4 areas. I'll take a look shortly and hopefully have a fix 
later today.

As an aside, I see you have set --max-areas=100. Given that you have a 4GB 
heap and --max-nodes at just 300000, you should easily be able to get away 
with the default of --max-areas=255. From my (limited) experiements so far, 
with a 4GB heap you shouldn't need to worry about reducing max-areas until 
your max-nodes gets up somewhere near 1,000,000. Setting it to a lower value 
will just cause the split to run slower.


> Hello!
> I have just testet the latest svn version of splitter (r64) I get the
> following exception:
> 12,000,000 ways processed...
> [GC 926169K->330369K(1422720K), 0.0038790 secs]
> Writing relations Sun Aug 09 11:11:14 CEST 2009
> [GC 837769K->592513K(1423296K), 0.1517410 secs]
> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException:
> bitIndex < 0: -2147483627
> at java.util.BitSet.set(BitSet.java:262)
> at
> uk.me.parabola.splitter.SplitParser.processRelation(SplitParser.java:1
> 89)
> at
> uk.me.parabola.splitter.SplitParser.startElement(SplitParser.java:96)
> at
> uk.me.parabola.splitter.AbstractXppParser.parse(AbstractXppParser.java
> :38)
> at uk.me.parabola.splitter.Main.writeAreas(Main.java:231)
> at uk.me.parabola.splitter.Main.split(Main.java:98)
> at uk.me.parabola.splitter.Main.main(Main.java:78)
> The splittter was called as follows:
> java -Xmx3800m -verbose:gc -jar ../splitter.jar --max-areas=100
> --max-nodes=300000 ../../europe.osm
> With todays (uncompressed) Europe extract from geofabrik.
> I have tried to use
> java -Xmx3800m -verbose:gc -jar ../splitter.jar --max-areas=100
> --max-nodes=300000 ../../europe.osm
> but after "Writing relations" the CPU was at 100% for an hour without
> reporting anything on the console nor writing any data to disk.
> I was waiting for a few months for updating my maps on the etrex... I
> thought already, now it will be possible again...
> Thanks a lot for fixing splitter.  It seems to be really close!
> I'll try to report any problems I encounter with new versions ASAP.
> Paul

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