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[mkgmap-dev] phone number bug?

From Bernhard Heibler bernhard at heibler.de on Tue Aug 4 17:10:58 BST 2009

Hi Cliff,

thanks for the screen shot. This seams to be really a 860T specific 
problem. On my Nuvi the Phone symbol is displayed in all cases. What I 
noticed is that Hickey's Pharmacy POI has to use a complex phone number 
and house number record.

The POI record is stored in a very memory effective way. If the phone 
number or house number only contains digits or "-" it is stored base 11 
coded within the POI record. This is called simple coding in the mkgmap 
source code.  If there are any other chars in it it is stored as a 
reference to a text label. Since the house number is "UNIT 3" and phone 
number contains a + we have to use labels in both cases. UNIT could be 
coded also in simple format but this is not implemented until now.

I only can give you the hint to play around with the record of Hickey's 
Pharmacy in the OSM file. Remove the house number, make the house number 
a simple digit and see if this has any effect on your problem.

Another tricky one in the POI record stuff is the POI flag. This bit 
fields tells the garmin which records are present in the POI records. 
(Phone, Street Name, House Number etc ...) There is global bit field for 
all records and there might be one per POI if this records misses some 
of the records. As far as I remembered I had some fun with this flag if 
some records contain some fields and other where missing it. I think I 
fixed this and it should work properly but maybe your Nuvi thinks 
different about it.

You could use the auto fill address function to make the POI records 
more similar. Just add the --location-autofill=2 option and check if it 
has any effect on your problem.

By the way the source code for the POI record is located in 


Nolan Clifford schrieb:
> Thanks for taking time to have a look.  Below are some screen shots 
> that hopefully will illustrate what I am experiencing (hope they can 
> be posted to the list).  The first is what I see when I search for the 
> poi to which you referred to in Santry.  The Nuvi 860T was connected 
> via bluetooth to a phone at the time and as you can see, the 
> formatting looks off and does not have blue phone symbol to dial.  The 
> second picture shows that it likes the local area code just fine and 
> is letting me dial it (as seen by the phone logo). The third picture 
> is perhaps the most interesting because it shows that it can deal with 
> the +353 prefix alright but the difference here is that there was not 
> any other address info for the poi.  So the problem seems to be that 
> on this gps unit, as soon as addr: tags and a phone tag are 
> simultaneously present, then the option to dial is not available and 
> the formatting is messed up :(  Is there any way I could hack the code 
> to make it work for my unit do you think?  I don't know java, but I 
> have been looking at the code for formatting address records anyway 
> trying to see if I can guess what's going on but to no avail.  Anyway, 
> if you have any ideas on what is going on here, I would really 
> appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Cliff.
> pictures follow directly below ....
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