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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v2] sea polygons

From Christian Gawron christian.gawron at gmx.de on Sun Aug 2 16:32:54 BST 2009

Dear Apollinaris,

this is a misunderstanding.

I use the relation internally:
The code right now creates a relation with the sea as "outer" and the 
(closed) coastline segments as "inner" members. This way I don't have to 
think about how to "punch the holes" into the sea.
What is still missing is the handling of non-closed coastline segments - 
these have to be added to the "outer" polygon.

There is no need for a relation in the raw data.

Best wishes

Apollinaris Schoell schrieb:
> this is really great to get sea polygons. makes maps really much better
> Don't understand why is there a need for relations?
> is it common to have relations for coastline? have never seen it. my  
> understanding is the right side of the way is sea, left side is land.  
> how can the knowledge of inner way help here except in the case of an  
> island where you have the whole closed polygon available to make a  
> decision.
> it's nearly impossible to build a relation for a whole continent. due  
> to restriction in relation members you would need parent relations  
> collecting all pieces. and when done all coastlines will be inner  
> elements. there can't be an outer element except you extend the  
> definition to leave earth
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