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[mkgmap-dev] complete list of all mkgmap options

From Garvan & maew garvan.maew at online.com.kh on Sat Aug 1 12:26:25 BST 2009

Johann Gail wrote:
> You should get this list by calling mkgmap --help (or similar)

Unfortunalty the developers have not kept this list up to date, which 
was the reason for Christoph Wagner post below.


> Christoph Wagner schrieb:
>> Hello list,
>> I searched for a complete list of all mkgmap command-line options and
>> what they should do, but I couldn't find a good and up-to-date list. The
>> list in the wiki is much too old.
>> In the last few month they were very cool and usefull improvements of
>> mkgmap but it's sometimes not easy to use and test them because they are
>> not known.
>> I would wish to have a Wiki page with all mkgmap options, their
>> functionality, their usage and their status (stable, unstable...).
>> Do you think this is a good idea?
>> Where can I find a list of the options to fill the wiki page?
>> Thank you and have a nice day!
>> Christoph from Dresden

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