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[mkgmap-dev] errors in routing

From Garvan & maew garvan.maew at online.com.kh on Sat Aug 1 09:13:13 BST 2009

Garvan wrote:
> Hi,
> Using polish format as input, I get routing errors on roads that have 
> been split by mkgmap. The errors do not show up on all roads split, but 
> they show up on most. The map will not route onto the split road. From 
> what I can see the roads are being split because they exceed the maximum 
> number of points in a line (250).
> I will test OSM data to see if it has the same problem, but I assume it 
> would have been reported. I guess not many are using polish format input.
> Garvan
I re-tested a sample I posted before with routing problems, except this 
time I converted the data to OSM format first, and it has the same 
problem with routing as I noted in a larger map, and as I explained above.

In the attached sample, snip.osm, if is not possible to route from

N13.10744 E100.92402

N13.09385 E100.91529

Without jumping all over the place (or any points points on these roads).

mkgmap inserts an extra node at

N12.978630 E100.917023


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