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[mkgmap-dev] success with roadtrip, gmapibuilder

From Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com on Fri Jul 31 23:41:15 BST 2009

I have been trying for a while to build my own maps with mkgmap, and was
getting bad maps into RoadTrip.  I figured out what I was doing wrong
and thought I'd share it.  I had run the splitter and then mkgmap,
creating a gmapsupp.img overall map file in addition to all the tiles.
I ran gmapibuilder with the gmapsupp.img instead of the individual
tiles, and this produces a totally broken gmapi.

I spiffed up the caveats section under command line to try to warn others:


Here's what I'm doing now, and it seems to work except routing is broken
on my vista hcx, perhaps due to some messed up ways in the mass data.



if [ "$INPUT" = "" ]; then

cd $HOME/OSM || exit 1

if true; then
    rm -f 6324* 40000001.* areas.list template.args
    java -Xmx2000m -jar splitter.jar \
	--max-nodes=500000 \
	> OUT.01.splitter 2>&1

    ed template.args <<EOF

# --net is implied by --route

java -enableassertions \
    -Xmx2048m \
    -jar mkgmap.jar \
    --max-jobs=1 \
    --gmapsupp \
    --tdbfile \
    --series-name="OSM_gdt_series" \
    --family-name="OSM_gdt_family" \
    --area-name="OSM_gdt_area" \
    --overview-mapname=63240000 \
    --family-id=632 \
    --product-id=1 \
    --country-abbr="US" \
    --country-name="United States" \
    --region-abbr="MA" \
    --region-name="Massachusetts" \
    --description="OSM_gdt" \
    --route \
    --add-pois-to-areas \
    --remove-short-arcs \
    -c template.args \
    > OUT.02.mkgmap 2>&1

#    --ignore-osm-bounds \
#    --mapname=63249900 \

mkdir -p GMAPI
/Users/gdt/SOFTWARE/GMAPIBUILDER/gmapi-builder/gmapi-builder.py -o GMAPI -t 63240000.tdb -b 63240000.img -v 6324*.img > OUT.03.gmapi 2>&1 

ls -lh gmapsupp.img

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