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[mkgmap-dev] Garmin Nuvi asks province

From Valentijn Sessink valentyn at blub.net on Thu Jul 30 15:39:40 BST 2009


A bit of a strange thing: my Garmin mkgmap maps ask the "provincie"
(Province? State? County? Whatever you guys call it over there ;) when I
want to route to an address.

I normally build my map with country="Netherlands" and country-abbr=NL,
I also tried no country and abbrev, but it keeps asking for a
"Provincie". Whatever I enter, Garmin can't find it and this makes
routing to an address pretty much infeasible. On the regular map, it
just asks me if I'm in the Netherlands and then I can enter street and
city names.

java -enableassertions -Xmx1800m -jar
~/garmintest/mkgmap/dist/mkgmap.jar --country-name="" --country-abbr=""
--family-name="Openstreetmap Netherlands `date -I`" --latin1
--remove-short-arcs --lower-case --preserve-element-order
--location-autofill=1 --gmapsupp --route --net --tdbfile -c template.args

What am I doing wrong? I guess this is just a wrong option somewhere?


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