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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v3] - make cycleway tracks

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Fri Jul 24 23:06:25 BST 2009


renamed option for enabling this to --make-cycleways

added --make-all-cycleways option to turn on all cycleway synthesising

Now removes bicycle access from the original way (unless that way has a
"bicycle" tag) to force the routing to use the cycleway.

BTW - this may be a complete red herring but mapsource was not showing
me the cycleway names like "Foo (cycleway)" it was only showing the
original road name "Foo". I then rebuilt the map without the
--lower-case option and the cycleway names started appearing. So, either
mapsource was just being its usual weird self or there is some badness
related to using --lower-case. Just thought I would mention it!


v2 - Now matches extra tags (lane, left, right, both).

Commented out setting of highway=cycleway until it's agreed that it's a
good idea.


As requested, here's an option (--make-cycleway-tracks) to enable the
synthesis of cycleways when a (non-cycleway) way is tagged

I have also tweaked the code for making opposite cycleways - it now
gives the synthesised way a highway=cycleway tag which it wasn't doing

So anyone who was using the --make-opposite-cycleways option, please
test to see it hasn't been broken.


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