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[mkgmap-dev] problems at map intersections?

From Valentijn Sessink valentyn at blub.net on Mon Jul 20 14:34:27 BST 2009

Hello List,

Tried to make sense of it. Tooltips seem not to work at all some 15-40
meters from a boundary.
However, there are places where the tooltips dissapear more than a few
meters from a boundary - specifically on a horizontal boundary. Wherever
that happens, the map seems to dissapear at lower zooming levels.

This seems to be tile dependent. For example: when I run splitter on
netherlands.osm with the following areas:
63240008: 2430976,155648 to 2443264,233472
63240010: 2443264,155648 to 2500608,233472

... then run mkgmap, it will:
- show the map and show tooltips anywhere further East from E4.90522
- hide the upper map at high zoom levels between E4.80158 and E4.90522
- (there's a slight difference between << E4.80158 and > E4.80158, where
the map will disappear earlier when << 4.80158.)

The lower map seems all right, no matter what I try.

I tried to look for structures that were larger than one tile or that
would show up in one map, but not in the other (even splitter sometimes
seems to loose ways when a node is not included), but I could not find
anything sensible.

Maybe someone else can find something with the areas.list above. Zoom to
N52.42856 E4.90522 in Mapsource, note that to the right of the
Meervalweg, you'll see tooltips, to the left, you don't. And when you
zoom to 50m, the upper map dissapears. This is consistent with the way
my Garmin Nuvi shows the result: to the right of E4.90522, show all; to
the left, the map will disappear on higher zooming levels.

Best regards,


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