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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v3] - fix clipping when node falls on tile boundary

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Mon Jul 20 08:55:32 BST 2009

Hi Valentijn,

> > BTW - Valentijn, this version could help routing through "the tunnel".
> Yes! Yes!
> Also, V1 and V2 had a couple of these "... contains 0 arc", and this
> version does not show any of these (checking patch if the code is still
> there... it is).
> Thanks! And thanks to Maning, who gave a better analysis than I did!


Actually, it wasn't so much anyone's words that helped track this down
but Maning's example just happened to trigger the right neuron and I
started thinking along better lines. Curious thing, the mind.



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