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[mkgmap-dev] problems at map intersections?

From Valentijn Sessink valentyn at blub.net on Sun Jul 19 18:47:53 BST 2009

Hi Steve,

> So if the tile height or width is an odd number of these shifted units 
> then the centre point will be half way between a shifted unit boundary.
> Therefore adding any offset will leave you half a shifted unit out.

Thanks for the thorough investigation - much more than I could have done by
applying my sort of random voodoo to see if it fixes things. Anyway, a few
observations I made in the mean time, that are probably unrelated:
- the Garmin map on my Nuvi seems to have no overlap - at least, I cannot
find it. (You probably knew this already).
- Also, my Garmin Europe map seems to split exactly at whole degrees (you
can see the same endings of ways that the OSM map shows). I don't know why
this is (probably "just because"). Also, I cannot reproduce their split with
routing included, as the "NET (thingy) too large" assertion spoils my build.

As said, this is probably unrelated and maybe you knew all this already.

Best regards,


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