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[mkgmap-dev] problems at map intersections?

From Valentijn Sessink valentyn at blub.net on Sat Jul 18 10:32:30 BST 2009

Steve Ratcliffe schreef:
> So you will probably also find that in the area that disapears, if
> you hover over a road you do not also get the usual pop-up that
> tells you the name of the road.

Yes, but actually I blamed Wine instead of you ;-)

(I feel I actually can safely blame whoever I want, being in an
unroutable part of the world - if you come to get me by bike, that is ;-)

But now you mention the pop-up, did you notice that the pop-ups work
just above (so "within") the (shifted, see previous post) bounds of a
map and when you hover outside the (grey lined) bounds, they immediately
don't work? And that they do start to work again some 250 meters below
the actual split and *that* is again the precise point where the map
will not vanish anymore? So for the lower part of the split: the part of
the map that will always show, is also the part of the map that has
these pop-ups again.

Since you know what you're talking about: is there a discussion,
explanation or otherwise for the reason that you did not let the maps
overlap? An overlap of 300 meters sounds like a good idea for the
routing - but as said before, I'm saying this from a position of
blessful ignorance.

Best regards,

Durgerdamstraat 29, 1507 JL Zaandam; telefoon 075-7074579

Durgerdamstraat 29, 1507 JL Zaandam; telefoon 075-7074579

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