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[mkgmap-dev] problems at map intersections?

From Garvan & maew garvan.maew at online.com.kh on Sat Jul 18 00:36:16 BST 2009

> Did anyone else notice this problem before? Were you able to reproduce
> it? If it helps, I can prepare a map that will have a routing problem
> just at the edge (there's a biking tunnel that MapSource avoids, no
> matter how hard I try, while letting mkgmap render the map without a
> boundary, the tunnel works just fine).
> Let me know if you need the map/script/other stuff to reproduce it.
I have been experimenting with maps with only one tile, but I did notice 
the misalignment of the map selection box and the detailed map in 
mapsource. I assumed it was a rounding issue between the detailed map 
and the overview map which are at different scales, and never thought to 
report it as an issue. For a large map it is almost unnoticeable, but 
for a small sample it can be completely wrong. For small maps what I did 
was increased the size of the bounding box in the osm file, and the 
alignment problem was fixed, or no longer a problem, because the box was 
bigger than the tile.

One reason why others have not reported this may be because they do not 
use mapsource or QLandKarteGT.  Those with external storage GPSr may 
never have seen this misalignment. Or like me, they just adjusted the 


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