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[mkgmap-dev] show oneway streets (and other mapping information)

From Garvan & maew garvan.maew at online.com.kh on Wed Jul 15 07:04:51 BST 2009

frmas wrote:
> Torsten Leistikow a écrit :
>> java -jar  -Xmx6144M ../../mkgmap-r1060/mkgmap.jar
>> --style-file=../../styles/topo_v004 --family-id=41
>> --country-name="Deutschland" --country-abbr="D" --overview-name=OSM_T004
>> --family-name=OSM_T004 --series-name=OSM_T004 --description=OSM_T004
>> --tdbfile --max-jobs=3 --draw-priority=11 ../../osm/Europa/66669???.osm.gz
> Thank you Torsten. You use "--overview-name", but mkgmap --help=options
> gives me the parameter "--overview-mapname" instead of --overview-name"
> Which one is the right one ?
> Using approximatively your parameters, I can't make my garmin to display
> the family-name nor the description. I tried with or without quotes for
> the description and the family-name, it doesn't work on my gps.
> These are the different options I use, maybe one of them conflict with
> another one and avoid the names to be displayed :
> Francois


These are my notes on where the various name and description options are 
used. If my notes are incorrect in any details, then I hope others will 
coerect my observations. Also I wonder if MKGMAP is reversing the series 
and family names?

Filename of detailed map image without the extension. Must be a number.

Filename of over view map without the extension. I found this must be a 
number if the map is to displayed in MapSource, but this appears to be a 
MKGMAP requirement, not a GARMIN requirement.

Product Name displayed in "Select a Product" drop down list in 
mapsource. Stored in TDB file and not used by GPSr.
CD set name displayed in Map product Info in MapSource (Selected from 
the About->Mapsource dialog box).  Stored in TDB file and not used by GPSr.
Detail map name displayed (followed by map number in brackets) in User 
Data Tabs in mapsource when a map is selected for upload. Stored in the 
detailed map - uploaded to GPSr.
Text displayed in the AREA column in User Data Tabs in mapsource when a 
map is selected for upload. Stored in TDB file and in overview map. 
Uploaded to GPSr when the combined map is created during upload.

When a gmapsupp file is created, the arae name is used instead of the 

Tow others I saw recently.
Not valid (V4 is the default anyway)

Not Valid.

In a GPSr if a map is uploaded from mapsource the name of a map is 
formed from

description, overview-description

and if a gmapsupp file is created then presumably (not checked as my GPS 
has internal memory)

description, area-name

So the description should be used in the GPSr, but if you do not use 
mapsource then the family name will not be visible.


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