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[mkgmap-dev] show oneway streets (and other mapping information)

From Torsten Leistikow de_muur at gmx.de on Tue Jul 14 15:58:26 BST 2009

Valentijn Sessink schrieb:
> Now I wondered, if it is possible to get the Garmin to show more
> information than just roads and road names. Specifically, one-way
> information seems not visible. On the wish list: access information and
> maybe even speed information. Is there a way to get the map to show these?

You can have multiple map layers displayed at the same time on your
Garmin. The upper layers (use the parameter draw_priority) must be set
to transparent, so that they work as an overlay to the underlying layers.

My Garmin mapset consists of the following layers:
+2  an overlay with SRTM contour lines
+1  an overlay with oneway and access indications
 0  the main layer with a Topo-map (not transparent)
-1 a routing layer consisting of the routable road net work (not
visible, since it is below the topo layer)
-2  a search layer consisting of the POIs for the garmin search function
(also not visible)

The three visible layers allow a better control of the map display than
a single map layer, e.g. the oneway indication is displayed on top of
the roads, indepently from the actual road style.

The none visible layers provide a seperation between the search and
routing functions and the visible appearance of the map.


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