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[mkgmap-dev] show oneway streets (and other mapping information)

From Valentijn Sessink valentyn at blub.net on Tue Jul 14 13:08:51 BST 2009

Hello list,

I just found a fine way of using the Garmin/OSM features: riding around
by bike with my garmin turned on, looking for differences between map
and Real World.

Now I wondered, if it is possible to get the Garmin to show more
information than just roads and road names. Specifically, one-way
information seems not visible. On the wish list: access information and
maybe even speed information. Is there a way to get the map to show these?

(Please note, that this is just for map making purposes, i.e. I realise
that you would not want this information on a regular Garmin map).

Best regards,


p.s. I'm using my Garmin with OSM map now for a couple of days and I'm
impressed, routing information is really good. (There are some problems
when routing by bike; if anyone comes up with a good scheme to check if
it's the Garmin or the map that goes berzerk, I'll be glad to test it
out; for now, I'll just assume the Garmin is bicycle-unfriendly, just as
it is with the manufacturer-supplied map).

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