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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v3] - beware of the bollards!

From WessexMario wessexmario-osm at yahoo.co.uk on Wed Jul 8 07:55:28 BST 2009

Mark Burton wrote:
> v3
> now adds extra points either side of the POI to reduce length of
> way that has restricted access. Currently points are 25m away from the
> POI. It would be nice if they were really close (like 5m) but if you
> try that, the map looks crap due to the limited coordinate resolution.
> So, 25m is a compromise between visual appearance and minimising the
> extent of the restricted zone.
> ------------
As a map user and data contributor I get frustrated by the lack of 
resolution. I'm not sure exactly where in the map rendering process the 
detail being discussed here lies, but it would be my preference to 
resolve  nodes down to 1m. There are plenty of instances where complex 
junctions have many roads, footpaths, gates, bollards, cattle grids and 
stiles all within a 10m radius, on both sides of a country road, 
expanding the resolution to 25m would make a mess of carefully plotted 
features and make it even more difficult to render at the highest zoom.
If the rendering produces a cluttered map, then that's a rendering 
issue, but for routing, complex junctions need fine resolution.

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