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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v3] - beware of the bollards!

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Tue Jul 7 23:03:41 BST 2009


now adds extra points either side of the POI to reduce length of
way that has restricted access. Currently points are 25m away from the
POI. It would be nice if they were really close (like 5m) but if you
try that, the map looks crap due to the limited coordinate resolution.
So, 25m is a compromise between visual appearance and minimising the
extent of the restricted zone.


v2 - quick update based on instantaneous feedback from ML!

Now works for any POI that sets "access=no" (could use the more general
test of any of the access tags being set but let's see how this works
for now).

Default access rights now set in style file.

Any suggestions for a better code for cycle_barrier?


Fed up of being routed in your car down city streets only to find the
way is blocked by a bollard? Well, if so, this is the patch for you.

If a way has a bollard on a point, the segments of the way that
connect to the bollard have access restrictions placed on them. By
default, a bollard implies: access=no, foot=yes, bicycle=yes.

Testing using mapsource shows that it generally works as expected
although if the destination cannot be reached by any other route, it
routes straight through the bollard rather than failing! If the
destination can be reached by some other route, even if the route is
really long, it will avoid the bollard.

I have chosen Garmin code 0x660f (pillar) for the bollard. On my etrex
it appears as a small dot in the way.

As usual, all feedback is welcome.


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