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[mkgmap-dev] Bugreport: Routing to POIs

From Garvan & maew garvan.maew at online.com.kh on Sun Jul 5 15:54:46 BST 2009

Thilo Hannemann wrote:
> I see a strange behaviour lately: If I select a POI as the destination 
> for a route, the calculated route will go to a completely unrelated 
> coordinate on the map and will "jump" in a straight line to the 
> destination. The calculated route is therefore completely unusable. 
> The "wrong" coordinate the routing goes to was in one case at the 
> border of a map tile, but thats not always the case.
> If I select a coordinate just beside the POI, routing is fine.
> Has anybody else seen this behaviour? It is triggered if you select a 
> POI from the POI list on the GPS unit (Oregon 300 in my case).
> Regards
> Thilo
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I see behavior like this with routes when I test the routing graph in 
MapSource. I created the map in gpsmapedit, and when I test the routes 
in this program they work correctly, but the same route after compiling 
with mkgmap will give  strange routes, with straight-line jumps. If goes 
the wrong direction on a road for what looks like the correct distance, 
then jumps back to where it should have been and continues.


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