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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH] Creating contour lines from DEM data

From Christian Gawron christian.gawron at gmx.de on Sat Jul 4 21:42:58 BST 2009

Thilo Hannemann schrieb:
>> I think using one IMG has the advantage that using a TYP file you can 
>> specify the drawing order (first the "background" polygons, than the 
>> contours, then the streets).
> Actually, using different IMG files will allow you to do that, but 
> with one IMG file for everything it will be difficult. You cannot 
> specify the drawing order of ways in the TYP file, only of polygons. 
> And as I understand it, it is not easy to control the drawing order of 
> ways in any other way. Nop seems to be able to do it by controlling 
> the order the ways are written into the IMG file, but I was largely 
> unsucessfull using that method.
But if you put the IMG with the contours on top, wouldn't the contour 
lines be on top of the ways? And if you do it the other way around, 
wouldn't the background polygons (eg. forrest) hide the contour lines? 
How did you solve this?

I actually tried using separate IMG files first, but I didn't get "nice" 
results, so I used XInclude to include the contour lines from the OSM 
file (before I wrote the code to create the contour lines in mkgmap).

Best wishes

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