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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH] Creating contour lines from DEM data

From Christian Gawron christian.gawron at gmx.de on Sat Jul 4 12:06:27 BST 2009

Nop schrieb:
>> And I don't agree that this would be a derived work. OSM does not 
>> contain any DEM data or contour lines, so by adding them the OSM 
>> layer remains unchanged and clearly discernible from the contour 
>> lines, so I would say the result is a collective work.
> Discernible is not enough. You need to read through the full legalese. 
> A collective work is defined as a collection of unmodified entities. 
> This is definitely not true for a gmapsupp.img.
> Took me a while to understand and believe how bad the current OSM 
> licence is, too.
Thank you for the clarification. So maybe I should add an option to put 
the contours into a separate IMG file.
Right now you could achieve this by using an input file which contains 
no data but the bounding box.

I think using one IMG has the advantage that using a TYP file you can 
specify the drawing order (first the "background" polygons, than the 
contours, then the streets).

Best wishes

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