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[mkgmap-dev] Several cycle networks over the same way

From Rudi drahtesel42 at web.de on Fri Jul 3 22:16:47 BST 2009

I have some cycle networks that share the same ways. This means that a road
belongs to more than one cycle network. In this case I want to see the ref
of the cycle networks in the name of the road, e.g. "<road_name> (RRM, VBT,

My file 'relations' contains this line:

type=route & route=bicycle { apply { set route_name='${ref}' }}

In this case the tag route_name of the way is set for every route and the
last one wins. So I tried:

type=route & route=bicycle & route_name!=* { apply { set route_name='${ref}'
type=route & route=bicycle & route_name=* { apply { set
route_name='${route_name}, ${ref}' }}

This doesn't work because we have no access to the tags of the way.
Who has an idea how I can join the different names?


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