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[mkgmap-dev] Patch so that the --add-pois-to-areas option applies actions defined in the points style file and takes the POI name from there

From Thilo Hannemann thannema at gmx.de on Fri Jul 3 21:19:11 BST 2009

This one is a little complicated:

When using the --add-pois-to-areas option, for every shape whose tags  
will match an entry in the points style file, a POI entry in the map  
will be created in the center of the shape (if there is not already  
one POI with the same name inside the shape). The POI will have the  
name of the *shape* and no actions from the points style file will be  

I think that is not how it should be. One of the most important cases  
for this option is when you have an POI that is in the OSM data as a  
building (close way with "building=yes") carrying the tags for the  
POI. You might now have lots of name-tweaking rules in you points  
style file to generate nice looking names for hotels, etc. But in the  
polygons style file there is a single entry that handles all tags with  

What you now get is that all the name-tweaking rules *are not applied*  
if the POI comes in the form of a shape, only if it comes as a single  
node. To get around this you had to duplicate your name-tweaking for  
each POI in the polygons style file. This will need lots of rules that  
from the perspective of the polygons style file all will do the same:  
generate a shape for a building.

So this patch will modify the behaviour so that a POI that is  
generated from a shape will have all the actions defined in the points  
style file applied to it and that it will also get the name defined by  
the points style file.

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