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[mkgmap-dev] Memory limits for mkgmap and splitter

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.demon.co.uk on Thu Jul 2 23:50:34 BST 2009


> Could you please tell me which "Map" would have to be "reimplemented"?
> There was a lot of changes (and file deletions) since version 3.

Yes, it is completely different code.
The original code (r3) did nothing except attempt to save the nodes to a
berkeley db.  I then gave up on it and wrote the current code that
uses an open hash map.

> Could you explain why you write that
> "There is a maximum of 255 output files. This should anyway be enough
> with the current amount of data."
> ?

Well at the time europe was about quarter of the planet file and took about
60 tiles, so probably about enough to any area of interest and perhaps even
the whole planet.

This was without routing which currently requires smaller tiles.
Also the data is growing fast, and so it is certainly not true any more.


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