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[mkgmap-dev] Questions related to practical usage of MKGMAP

From Garvan g.okeeffe at online.com.kh on Wed Jul 1 13:40:09 BST 2009


I have a few questions related to MKGMAP that I could not find answers 
to in the archives. My data source is mostly OpenStreetmap, but I used 
gpsmapedit for editing and adding my own traces, so I am using mp format 
files with the compiler. I am open to other suggestions on managing 
data, but I need strong editing capabilities.


I have about sixty roads where I get the severe warning:

SEVERE (RouteArc): Way ~212 contains an arc whose length is too big to 
be encoded so the road will not be routable

As the warning gives no line number, I am at a loss to find the problem. 
Does anybody know how I might locate these 60 roads? I tried sorting the 
roads by number of points, but did not seem to find a match. Perhaps if 
I calculated the length of each road segment, and sorted by length?


In encoding sea polygons, I must split the polygons up so that they have 
less than 256 points (I did this in gpsmapedit). When zooming in and 
out, sometimes polygons show white lines in between, where the shape has 
been optimized. It there a way to avoid this, or a better way to split 
up large polygons? Is there a utility to help with this problem? I would 
only need to do it once, so it does not matter if it is a convoluted 
route to what I want.


I would like to use road numbers as labels. In gpsmapedit you use the a 
code like this ~[0X06]117 in the label for the road, but this did not 
work in MKGMAP. Is there some other way to display road numbers?

Thanks for any help and suggestions.


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