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Crash on compiling recent south american OSM maps.


A recent change to data in Columbia, South America in Open Street Map may cause a problem when creating a map of that area.

There is a long standing bug in mkgmap that results in a crash when compiling the object http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/313259878 which is in Columbia. The addr:housenumber is ":702" which triggers the bug. Probably that is just a typo and it should be just "702", however this should not cause a crash in mkgmap.

The problem is now fixed in r3354, so you should upgrade if affected by this problem. I think you will only see it if using the --add-pois-to-areas option.

Due to the nature of the fix, the resulting .img files may be a little smaller than before.

Posted by steve on 21 Nov 2014

Latest commits

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    09 dec 2017
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    08 dec 2017
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    06 dec 2017
  • display-r508 - fix problem with signed / unsigned byte values.
    06 dec 2017
  • display-r507 remove more dead or debug code, small changes in interpretation of header data.
    05 dec 2017
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