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Build mkgmap/mkgmap #639

Commit: 4279 by gerd
Branch: trunk
Time: 2 Mar 2019, 7:30 a.m.
Total time: 0.0 sec

improve default style lines, patch by Ticker Berkin: Changes are: Use 0x30 for leisure=track instead of treating it like a footpath. 0x30 was introduced in the last set of changes as the code for various sports tracks (gallop, raceway) Use 0x0b (Road) instead of 0x06 as the "hint" portion of a *_link. 0x0b was unused. 0x06 is used for highway=minor & highway=unclassified Use 0x11 instead of 0x07 for highway=cycleway 0x11 was unused. 0x07 is Alley and is used for bridleway, service... Use 0x17 for various linear barriers and also man_made=breakwater Use 0x1a for car ferries, 0x1b for other ferries. At the moment 0x1b is used for all ferries Use 0x26 instead of 0x10a02 for intermittent steam & drain

Latest commits

  • mkgmap-r4315 code cleanup: remove obsolete call of Collections.sort() after call of MdrUtils.sortList() which already does this..
    21 oct 2019
  • mkgmap-r4314 fix assertion error when option --make-poi-index is used.
    21 oct 2019
  • mkgmap-r4313 Improve code readability, no change in output expected.
    21 oct 2019
  • mkgmap-r4311 Ignore turn restrictions in ElementSaver when map is not routable to supress warning "ignoring unspecified/unsupported restriction" for type=restriction relations..
    21 oct 2019
  • mkgmap-r4310 Code cleanup, no change in output expected.
    21 oct 2019
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